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Welcome to my Homepage


On this and the following pages you can find out briefly what I do. I have provided additional information on the lectures and listed books and websites that are worth reading. In the Great Britain section you can learn more about English culture. Under the menu item About me/About me I will tell you more about myself.

I wish you good entertainment on this website.

Dirk Weil

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I give lectures on topics that interest or inspire me. My topics come from these areas:

My focus is on English cultural history and classical modernism.

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Great Britain / Anglophilia

I have been fascinated by the English language, culture and literature since my first contact with it at school. That's probably why I did English Studies and History and University. Here I now offer some lectures on English topics and provide interested readers of this website with books and links.

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For the individual lectures and on the page books I have recommended books worth reading on the various topics, which you can order directly by clicking on the blue link (not from me, but from the bookseller genialokal.de). You can find an overview of all the books I have recommended on the bookshop page.

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Besides the preparation of the lectures, the operation of such a website is a rather extensive task. I therefore ask for your understanding if not everything is completed here at the pace one would wish. I hope you have a lot of fun anyway.

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